Healthy Eating

We provide cooked lunches and teas. We have a three week menu cycle to view an example of our menu please click here.

All of our meals are provided by Bridgwater College Restaurant; both the College Restaurant and the Childcare Centre have a 5 star rating from Environmental Health, the College has also been awarded 'Taste of the West -Best local food in schools'. You can be assured that your children's meals are prepared within a clean and healthy area, made from local and seasonal produce.

If you have any special dietary requirements for your child, please do not hesitate to contact us for your child's personal needs.

Mid morning and mid afternoon the children have cafe - including milk or water and fresh fruit / vegetables; this can also include crackers, bread-sticks, rice cakes, crumpets and more!

Children are encouraged to prepare their own snack and often cut their fruit and pour their own drinks. Water is also available throughout the day for children to access.

'Children enjoy a well-balanced menu of nutritious meals and snacks. They help grow vegetables, such as green beans, tomatoes and courgettes in their kitchen garden area. They see their produce being used in their meals. This actively encourages children's understanding and enjoyments of healthy foods as they see the whole process of growing to eating'' Ofsted 2014