About Us

Bridgwater Childcare Centre

The Childcare Centre provides 71 full-time care and education places for children aged from 4 months to 5 years. Over 100 children from families in the general community access these places.

Our Aims

To provide children with a consistent, caring and stimulating environment in which their learning and development is actively encouraged.

To encourage and support children to become independent, confident and motivated learners.

To provide parents with a facility which is constant yet flexible to their childcare needs.

To offer College students an opportunity to work alongside trained staff as part of their courses of study, in a facility which is an exemplar of good practice and quality childcare.

To work closely with other professional agencies to provide a service which meets the individual needs of the children and families who access the Centre.

Principles of the Centre:

To observe and plan for children based on their individual needs and interests,understanding the principles of the unique child.

To support children in becoming confident, independent learners.

To build positive partnerships with parents and carers.

Key Features of the Centre:

Individual planning to support each child within the Centre, through observation and assessment.

Inspirational,extensive and secure garden and outdoor play area.

Free-flow play (children can move around the activities in the Centre, as well as having open access to the garden), to support children's choices and independence.

Opportunities for the integration of very young children with older children.

Provision led by an Early Years Professional with highly qualified staff.

Highly experienced Early Years staff who work in a reflective manner to ensure current practice within the setting.

Forest School offered as part of the outdoor provision.

Key Person and back-up system to provide consistency of care.

Sensory room and Project room to support individual children and small group work.

Parental partnership and parents workshops to support the development of the setting.

High levels of professional practice and Early Intervention strategies.